November 2, 2012

{Munchkins} Larsen & Fam:: NoDa

When I got an email from Bree and heard she wanted their first professional photo session with their little girl, Larsen, and then got their questionnaire back, I immediately thought 3 things. 1) I love that name! Larsen is so cute! 2) A family that just loves to have fun and dance sounds like an awesome photosesh 3) their first session- but hopefully the first of many! They are too cute not to have lots of pics!

Larsen just turned two and she was a bundle of cuteness! From jumping like a frog to making silly faces to jammin' out to some tunes this girl was all smiles! She loved searching for the choo-choo and the moon all along our photo journey. There are so many photos from their session, I could easily post them all-- but to save some surprise for their fam.. here's a sneak peek!

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1 comment:

  1. Wonderful pictures...Thank you ...This grandma thinks you did a fabulous job capturing Larsen's cute personality...Hope you will be taking many more through the years!