December 10, 2012

{Munchkins} Davis | Newborn

Baby Davis made his way into the world right before his due date! He was just a little thing 6 lbs, 10 oz. I met his momma, Lindsey, years ago when we went to the same church and reconnected at a cake pop demo she did at her cousin, Sarah's house. It was an AMAZING delicious cake pop. She was pretty preggers and looked fab! How in the world can a caterer look so amazing with all of those temptations? I definitely couldn't do it. 

When I arrived, I was so excited to meet this handsome little boy. I know they had prayed for him long before he was born. Lindsey and Todd had their house all decorated for Christmas and little Davis was ready to go. He was not in the mood to sleep, so we just stared at his big eyes during his session. His nursery was adorable and lots of DIY projects. If you are having a boy, you could definitely get some inspiration from it! 

Anyway..On to the little prince...

Such a Christmas gift! 

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December 6, 2012

{My Life} A day in the life of Kinsley

She has this book that shows baby's doing different emotions... and one of them says "laughing," so one day she is in the other room and I hear her making a crying noise, then a random really fake "ha ha ha" and then saying "hmmm" putting her finger to her chin... all of the emotions that I act out while reading it. So now we say "Kinsley, do the laughing baby" and this is what we get (above). 

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December 5, 2012

{Munchkins} Catherine Grey | Newborn

Miss Catherine Grey decided to enter the world a whole month EARLY than expected! Most first time moms (myself included) end up going late or being induced. Not amanda! She went in for an appointment and they sent her over into labor and delivery. She was shocked and I was too! She was so tiny! Just over a week old this girly did NOT want to miss a thing! Spending most of the session trying to get her to fall back asleep, I was beginning to think she just enjoyed being in the world and rather be awake. She was precious and I totally didn't mind trying to snuggle her back to sleep :) Thank you for letting me capture this sweet baby and your precious family! This will be a BEAUTIFUL holiday season spending it with a new little one! Soak up every minute!

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December 3, 2012

{You and Me} Zac & Lindsey Engaged

Well there is OFFICIALLY going to be another Mrs. Porter jointing the gang! The dated long
 before Gray and I even met, now while we're married with a baby, my brother-in-law finally popped  the question to Lindsey. Zac is pretty quiet with his plans.. the family always jokes about his conversations not being too detailed .. so we were DYING to know if they would ever tie the knot! Lindsey is absolutely gorgeous and I feel privileged to take photos of BOTH of these dearly loved. Their love is simple, yet complex. Rich, yet free. Free spirited yet fully defined. They are absolutely perfect for each other. These two professors will be wed in May and I cannot wait! They are going to look stunning.

Thanks for letting me style your session! If you'd like more info on personalized, styled sessions please email!

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