June 21, 2013

{My Life} 21 weeks!

21 weeks
Size of a Speghetti Squash!

I announced that I was pregnant with our second baby girl! I wanted to start a new section on my blog to document our sweet new addition. I will be posting bump pics, nursery ideas, cute baby clothes, and everything baby in {My Life} sections and through the new link baby & bump style (new website). 

I am 21 weeks and due on Halloween! With our first baby, I was induced a week late and it was a dream birth experience so I really don't mind if it all happens just the same :)

Be prepared to have baby fever!

Check out my Etsy faves and Pinterest site for more all things baby style or just join me back here every week or so!

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June 18, 2013

{You + Me} Casey & Steven get hitched!

I met Casey and Steven back when I did their engagement sesh in the national forest off of a south carolina HWY. I made the drive to a little town called Hartsville- near darlington-- on the way to myrtle beach (for those of us who didn't know where that was either haha). I arrived at this quaint hometown church where Steven attended. The sun was no where to be found but two love birds ready to say I do were on their way to be wed. It was simple and perfect. I loved how this small town bridal party were all great friends. I ran to the store and bought some umbrellas JUST before the photos started JUST IN CASE, and I am SO glad I did! The rain held off for a tiny bit, but I am a sucker for natural light so any way to get that for the formals was a MUST. Thank goodness the church had a little front porch and some cute scenery nearby. The day was gorgeous even if the weather wasn't.

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** Stay tuned for PART II

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{Munchkins} Bradleigh | Newborn

Grace and I were in a Bible study together when we all started getting baby fever. It took them no time at all to get pregnant and we were all SO excited when she announced. Then she posted the cutest ultra sound picture with a pink bow to announce it was a precious baby GIRL. All of her instagram posts of her nursery and baby purchases made me even more excited to capture this sweet little one. Her daughter Emma is the sweetest too! She was SO excited to be getting a sister and when I went to capture baby Bradleigh Faith, big sister was a BIG help. I know Josh is in love with this baby girl too. The smiles on their faces were just filled with joy.
***If this post receives 15 comments or more the welch's will receive a FREE 5x7!

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