May 16, 2012


 This little punkin's grandma set up a newborn session and I was thrilled to capture this tiny 3 week year old! Her name is Nora. How precious is that?! Her strawberry hair and ivory skin captivated my lens. As you will notice, even though we PLAN for the babies to be asleep, mine sessions are ALWAYS filled with bright-eyed beauties... Nora was no exception. She was a great model and her favorite spot was in the tea cup basking in the sun. Congratulations Michelle & Chase!

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May 15, 2012

Cole Havertine::Newborn

If you're scared of baby fever... stop right here! There is a cutie to brag about below!
Melissa and Brett welcomed their baby boy, Cole Joseph, on April 30th. He is the sweetest little thing! He was truly PERFECT. His nursery was adorable- grays and creams with a pop of sea foam green. She did an amazing job! Melissa looked SO beautiful too! Both his parents passed down their good looks to this GORGEOUS little boy. She had a lot of great props to use, too! I was in love with her baskets and the bench!

I could just eat him up! Look at those eyes!

Congrats again Melissa and Brett! 

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May 7, 2012

May Family Sesh

I had so much fun getting together with Ann and her family (again)! I took photos of her family when she was pregnant and then when her little girl was just under 3 months... and now she'll be turning two in August! This family is full of beauty and fun. Her handsome son is so curious, he was loving the park, especially the fish. He asked every fisherman a question or two and even caught a baby frog! Chloe loved picking flowers and playing with daddy. They love spending time together, even if it is just chasing the kiddos and watching them explore life! I loved catching them laughing, learning to skip rocks, being silly and just enjoying each other's company!

I absolutely ADORE these!

This picture captures his personality- love!

Hope you enjoy you're sneak peek!
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May 4, 2012

Bryleigh's turning ONE!

Sarah and I met for coffee routinely to chat about pregnancy since we were both due in May. She was due one week after I was. The day of my due date I get a text that Sarah's in labor! I was SO jealous and happy at the same time! As soon as little miss Bryleigh was born, I was up at the hospital holding her in my arms. I remember her starting to cry, but I calmed her down (this was a never in my history with holding babies haha). I can't believe it was almost a year ago!

Now we meet for playdates errands and let the girls baby talk while we chat about being a new mom. Sarah has done a great job and I love texting to get her opinion on things going on with Kins. I hope the girls can be friends for a long time!

Bryleigh is such a girly girl. She likes to play with shoes, makeup, and jewelry. She definitely knows what she wants and she always has a smile on. She is their first baby and she is definitely a godsend. For her birthday, Sarah has asked for donations to help a baby cottage in Africa! They are the most giving people I know and they have a passion for children. If you would like to read more or donate in honor of miss Bryleigh head on over to Sarah's Blog!

Love the hat?! Her momma made it!

She was SO not into smashing the cake haha! This princess is not into getting dirty. But just in case, we had an adorable bubble bath set up! So cute!

Stay tuned for pics of her bunny birthday next month!

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