November 24, 2010

Holiday Cards and Post Cards

If you've had a previous session with BPosh and want to order customized holiday cards with some of your favorite photos, but don't want the hassle of doing it yourself, just email and let me know!
Your holiday cards will be ordered and delivered to your home- all you'll need to do is address them!

Holiday Cards (Each can be customized with a different photo, or all have the same)
15 = $35
25 = $55
35 = $80
50 = $100

Post Cards (Each of these can also be customized with a different photo)
15 = $25
25 = $35
35 = $45
50 = $60

Other holiday gift options are dvds of your photos to music, Prints, or a coffee table book! 

Get your holiday orders in quickly to ensure timely delivery!

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