January 28, 2012

Baby Beckett

Baby Beckett is here! Don't you just love that name!? Born about 8lbs to a gorgeous couple, Gina and Tommy. He is now 4 weeks old. He did not want to miss a thing! It's okay with me if baby is awake and we can capture some of those baby blue eyes!

I met Gina through my dad a couple of years ago, right when I got out of college. I went up to Visit Charlotte and talked with her about the creative business world in Charlotte. She was not only beautiful, but successful and so nice! I was so excited that after baby Beckett was born, she thought of me to come do his first photoshoot! Here's the sneak peek :)

They have an adorable nursery too!

Congrats on that sweet bundle of joy! If he is anything like his parents, he will be beautiful, successful, and genuine! 
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January 12, 2012

My Baby Loves the Swing!

We went to the neighborhood park today and I was determined to put Kinsley in the baby swing and take some pics of her first swing ride... The light was perfect, the park was empty and I had my camera ready to go...baby was asleep when we got there and she looked SO sweet I didn't want to wake her.. luckily she awoke (and in a good mood) and I walked her and foxy (my little dog) down to the swing set. Here are a couple pics of her first swing ride!

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January 9, 2012

Baby Faith

I have done a couple shoots for this sweet couple and was absolutely THRILLED when they asked me to photograph their brand new baby girl! And was even more so when they said they loved a vintage style and even more again when I arrived and she had a ton of cute bows, bloomers, and a tutu to dress her in! It was PERFECT. This sweet little baby is SUCH a blessing, a result of prayer and after a devastating loss--such a gift! I read Elizabeth's blog all throughout her pregnancy and one of her blogs captured my heart tremendously. Sometimes you take things for granted like health and family and I started reading about the loss of their first baby. For anyone who has ever been through that or knows someone who is, you should really read her blog... I have never heard or seen such a testimony, such love- for each other and for the Lord even after such pain. I cried my eyes out realizing how much I have taken for granted and I could merely empathsize. I love their hearts and I can only imagine what God has in store for them! I know this baby girl is SUCH a blessing and dearly loved!

Katherine Faith Porter, you're parents love you so much!

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