January 27, 2013

{Munchkins} The Parks | Maternity

If I titled this shoot.. it would be called "obsessed." I seriously cannot get over how this beautiful couple is about to have a baby girl! I met Erin and Taylor when I first met my hubby. They had been dating for forever. When I met them, I thought, man, now there is a guy that ADORES his other half. They are both gorgeous and absolutely in-love.

Everytime we would talk, it would somehow be about babies. Erin found out she was preg at 20 weeks...just in time to find out the gender and experience a little of pregnancy before she'd meet this baby girl. They are going to be awesome parents. I loved having fun with them, watching her smile and giggle at him, and him complimenting her beauty.

We shot at the Morehead Inn down near dilworth area just before her baby shower. This room had such vintage charm- brass bed, awesome wallpaper, and a pin cushion orange velvet couch. There was a little garden patio attached with distressed white washed walls, ivy covered lattice, and icicles hanging from the leaves. It was a great day to have a planned shoot inside, but be able to take a couple shots outside.

I seriously could not narrow down my faves... sorry about it

Location: The Morehead Inn
Hair & Makeup: LRT Be Pretty

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Attention Posh Couples

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January 19, 2013

{US} The Ward's | Homecoming

The Ward's are a very special family to me. When I was ready to surrender to God's will for my life, I knew I needed to get plugged in to a small group. I joined a women's group at my church where Kim Ward and Traci Slusarski were my leaders. I just clicked with them. It was amazing how God put this woman I admired so much- she is definitely beautiful but God showed me how you can be beautiful in Spirit and on fire for Him. It was contagious! She mentors me and I mentored her daughter. A perfect picture of Titus 2. Kim and Traci prayed for me to meet my now husband and guided me every step of the way in trying to pursue purity, be a Godly woman and role model, and to use my talents for the Lord. Her husband, Matt, has come along side my husband and listened as we discussed dating nuances and issues.

When I met Kim in 2008, she was praying about adoption. She had a heart for babies and for Africa. She prayed for 5 years or more (if I remember correctly) just for Matt to be open to God's calling. She would share her passion and other moms in our church wanted to fulfill James 1:7 as well. They all received their babies and children and Matt and Kim were still patiently waiting. There were many road blocks and hurdles, but their story is of patience, persistence, and trusting the Lord. He is a God of FAITHFULNESS. And a promise-keeper.

Finally the day had come to get their siblings. A girl and boy... 9 and 6 I think? We met as a big group with a huge banner awaiting this precious family.

It makes me tear up every time I think about God's picture of love. Beauty for Ashes. Orphans being adopted into the family of God. Here they were, children... that nobody wanted.. whose hopes may have been weakened. 9 years of being without a mom or dad. 9 years of being the "least of these." To get on a plane with loving parents who CHOSE you, prayed for you, and now adopting you and making you their own. Heading down the escalator to a HUGE banner with YOUR name on it, tons of people celebrating, ethiopian music playing, smiles and tears and shouts of joy, hugs and high fives, and all for YOU. Like WOW! Praise God!

The first time I met her daughter, Emma, she came into our holiday party and practiced singing this song for us. How fitting.

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January 15, 2013

2013 VDAY Final 3! VOTE!

1. How We Met…

So she liked this boy...
And it wasn't Jesse, in fact she'd never met him until this day...
Katie liked this boy (who will remain anonymous) and everyone told her that if she wanted to get in good with the boy, she had to meet his best girl-friend Margaret and fall into her good graces. So, Katie, who is always up for a good challenge decided to meet this Margaret and start a friendship. Margaret however had other plans of her own. Upon meeting Katie she learned that Katie played lacrosse. This was intriguing to her as she had a friend (Jesse) who also played lacrosse. After some dot connection she decided that the two should meet as she felt they would instantly click. Katie learned of Margaret's plan and agreed to meet this Jesse, but reminded Margaret that she was really interested in the other boy.
Margaret decided to host a party that weekend and invited both Jesse and Katie with the hopes that they would fall for one another. On the night of the party, Katie walked up to the front steps of Margaret's home and met Jesse for the first time. He was wearing his blue dickies and a white t-shirt (his regular Autobell uniform and favorite outfit for all occasions--he has upgraded his wardrobe drastically since then!), and Katie wore a purple shirt with a lime green turtle on it that said "Speed Demon".
The two did not instantly fall in love, there were no birds chirping or sparks electrifying the night. However, as the night progressed it was clear that these two would develop into something more than acquaintances.
Yadda…yadda…a really gross challenge and a game of spin the bottle later (in which the two teens’ lips never met!)…the night ended and everyone parted ways. Margaret was not satisfied and decided to call both Katie & Jesse and shared that the other one was interested (sneaky Margaret). Jesse told Margaret he would call Katie the next day and sure enough…he did. It wasn’t until later that they figured out Margaret’s sneakiness…but it was too late. In between corn mazes and parking lot kisses the two started falling madly for each other and the rest is clearly history. Neither one was expecting this to end up here…but alas…here we are and here we go!

The Proposal…

So, October 2, 2009, as was tradition, the two lovebirds celebrated their 5th year together. That evening Katie met Jesse at his house, on time for a change, which is very rare for Katie. When she arrived, Jesse was not at all dressed; in fact he was playing video games with his brother and brother's friend!!! Katie was mad as she realized that Jesse duped her again by telling her to arrive an hour earlier than their intended departure (he learned this trick after several instances of Katie's tardiness). Katie was mad because she made it a point to be early today and Jesse wasn't even ready. Before she could get too agitated, Jesse put his arms around her and told her that it was okay and not to be mad. Katie relaxed and Jesse gave her her anniversary gift...a stuffed bear. It was unusual...I mean after five years...haha...Flash forward an hour; Jesse was dressed and they were on their way to dinner. Jesse surprised Katie and took her to a restaurant she'd been wanting to go to for a long time, Encore, in South Charlotte. They ordered a delicious meal, even yummier dessert, and a nice bottle of red wine. Now, for those of you who know Katie, you know that red wine is her weakness and once it starts flowing...her glass is never empty! In the spirit of their anniversary she had a few hardy glasses but before she could start on a third, Jesse asked her to slow down as they still had one more place to go. Another place? This was exciting as Jesse is usually very good with special surprises...however you must know that Katie had no idea of what was coming...in fact she thought that she might be getting a puppy. Jesse took a very weird route to their next destination as he wanted to fool Katie. Meanwhile, Katie got more and more excited as they passed through neighborhoods and homes that may have housed a little puppy for her.When they arrived at Caribou on East Blvd Katie was confused but then it clicked. This was the site where five years ago, these two foolish teenagers had their first kiss. Katie thought it was a sweet gesture on Jesse's part, however, she still had no clue of what was coming (it must've been the wine). Jesse suggested they go inside for a coffee, but Katie said she was full and that she didn't want anything. Jesse insisted, saying he needed something (maybe to calm his nerves?), so they went in.Now this is where it gets a little odd...When they walked in, the girl (Margaret) who had set Jesse and Katie up five years ago that day was working at Caribou that evening. This was not her regular store (she was filling in for someone that evening) and it had been a long time since she had seen the pair. Jesse did not plan this and was a bit taken aback at the chance encounter. Katie was also surprised and shared that they were celebrating their fifth anniversary. They exchanged "hellos" and "nice to see yous" "and this is bizarre!". Jesse ordered a shot of espresso, took a sip, and suggested he and Katie say goodbye. They walked back out to the car and went to their respective sides. However, as Katie was about to get in, Jesse called her over to help him with something. Now Katie had been used to Jesse's shenanigans and figured that he was up to something yet again. She told him to quit playing around as she was tired and ready to go home. Jesse continued to insist that she go over and help him. To speed things up, Katie walked over and found Jesse down on his knee. For most this would have clicked and while Katie is quite a bright girl, she did not get it. In fact, she told Jesse to quit playing around and get off the ground before he dirtied his pants. He remained however, pulled out the little ring box, and asked those famous words...Katie was overwhelmed with happiness and was left very speechless. She did nod her head to say yes...so it was official...they were to be wed…and wed they were!

2. Alex and I met 3 and a half years ago by chance.  I didn’t plan to meet him nor did he plan on gaining a new girlfriend that one day he would hope to be his wife.

We were brought together by a corporate contract that would navigate the start of our relationship. (PS – I was not supposed to attend this meaning but filled in to get the job done.)  After countless nights of picking me up at the Food Lion parking lot (lord knows a good southern woman can’t trust a man she just met to pick her up at her home!) to negotiate the deal over dinner and wine, I realized I didn’t care too much about the contract anymore.  I seemed to care more about who was this man was and how do I spend more time with him.  So I decided to stop working and start loving!  Which lead to a  signature on a piece of paper that would grow our love into something more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

The first few months were interesting, awkward and a bit dramatic.  We could tell we really, I mean really liked each other but were we ready to settle down?  Then the first two years proved to be nothing more than growing pains.  Days and nights filled with up’s and down’s and lots of learning about one another.  Looking back, this is something we wouldn’t trade for the world.  We have cried together, laughed together and become better people together.  I resort back to my go to line in the bible if I ever need a reminder of what we have been through and the strength I  need to love him even more as the days pass.  Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Alex and I have learned what the true meaning for  better or worse means and we aren’t even married yet.  He is someone that has forgiven me, loved me when I didn’t deserve it and picked me up when I was falling faster than I could imagine.  He has supported my decisions and pushed me to continue to make my life better for me and no one else.  He taught me how to live again.  I too have loved him when he didn’t understand why anyone would, strengthened his soul and embraced the man he is.  Together we have built a home that can withstand the strongest storms and the battles life my bring us.  Our home is our heart and we built it together on tears, fears, happiness and most importantly love.  Good days and bad days we will stand by each other and that is our commitment.  No matter what life brings we know if all we have is each other than we have more than enough.  And that is a love that will not fail.

Yes, we have our ups and downs and will continue to have more, but we have taught each other what the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally means. We made a promise to each other through a famous quote long ago and have stood true to it even when others said we should let go.  Enough is never enough when you love someone.

“I love thee, I love but thee
With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold
And the stars grow old.”

We more than love each other; we grow and teach each other each day in ways that no one else can understand. We have strengthened each other’s souls and nourished each other’s heart. And together we will continue to do so until the sun grows cold and the stars grow old…

3.        I just got engaged about a month ago. I'm very excited and have been starting to plan already. First, I must tell you how he proposed! We met in May, of 2011 at our brothers homeschool graduation. My fiancé and I both come from large families. He is one of ten and I'm the oldest of seven, so family is a major part of our lives. Seth and his brothers have grown up hunting and love spending time in nature. One of Seth's hobbies is building the guns he hunts with and he is very talented at it. Somehow, a joke was started that after he had 10 guns we would have to get engaged because that hobby gets quite expensive. Well, he had nine for some time and without me knowing started working on his tenth. I live in the country but never really got in to hunting to much until I met Seth. My favorite thing is to spend time with him no matter what were doing, so we go out target practicing sometimes. Well, he asked me if I would be up to some target practice one Saturday so I said sure, thinking it would be like any other time. When we got out to the range he pulled out the new gun he built (the 10th gun) and asked if I wanted to try it. I was so excited for him and wondered why he never told me he was working on it because it was a gun he had wanted for a very long time. He just said he wanted it to be a surprise and asked me to load it. He handed me a box of bullets and I opened it to find an engagement ring and note asking, "will you marry me?" I was in shock! Then he knelt down and proposed. Of course I said yes! Now I get to marry my best friend. God has blessed us so much and I cant wait to see what He has in store for the future. 
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January 14, 2013

{Munchkins} Collin | Newborn

Have you ever shown up at a place and almost waited for the music and birds to chirp because it was like a movie scene? Despite the gray skies and misty rain, the Jones' house was just picture perfect. I LOVE older farm houses that are destined for a little renovation but still has it's original charm! Wooden trim and stone fireplace with gorgeous window light.

The cutest couple lived there (referred by one of my favorite other couples, the porters!).. just moved in in OCTOBER.. yes! and Merri had Collin Jan 1! Talk about a major stress out! Her hubby, Chris, had been hard at work scraping popcorn ceilings (BLAH!) all by himself and having carpet installed JUST so little Collin would have a prepared place. SO Sweet!

Collin's session couldn't be MORE PERFECT. I am DYING editing all of these adorable pics.. I can't take all of the credit- Merri went knit-crazy for her little baby. As soon as she found out she was having a boy, she went on a hunt for the cutest things possible because we all know that cute boy stuff really DOES require a hunt! She did an unbelievable job picking out little accessories to compliment his woodland nursery theme... I could go on and on, but I know everyone is here for the pics...

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