January 27, 2013

{Munchkins} The Parks | Maternity

If I titled this shoot.. it would be called "obsessed." I seriously cannot get over how this beautiful couple is about to have a baby girl! I met Erin and Taylor when I first met my hubby. They had been dating for forever. When I met them, I thought, man, now there is a guy that ADORES his other half. They are both gorgeous and absolutely in-love.

Everytime we would talk, it would somehow be about babies. Erin found out she was preg at 20 weeks...just in time to find out the gender and experience a little of pregnancy before she'd meet this baby girl. They are going to be awesome parents. I loved having fun with them, watching her smile and giggle at him, and him complimenting her beauty.

We shot at the Morehead Inn down near dilworth area just before her baby shower. This room had such vintage charm- brass bed, awesome wallpaper, and a pin cushion orange velvet couch. There was a little garden patio attached with distressed white washed walls, ivy covered lattice, and icicles hanging from the leaves. It was a great day to have a planned shoot inside, but be able to take a couple shots outside.

I seriously could not narrow down my faves... sorry about it

Location: The Morehead Inn
Hair & Makeup: LRT Be Pretty

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  1. Such beauty and romance so sweetly captured and portrayed...Love this!!!

    Feeling so much love for our first grandchild ..a little baby girl!

  2. These are adorable!!! Great job to Brittany for the beuatiful photos and great job to Erin and Taylor for being beautiful people (and probably making the most beautiful baby)!!
    -Stephanie/Nemo :)