January 4, 2013

4/31 Tips for the New Year

I know a lot of pregnant mommies and some that have recently given birth and others that will ONE day be a mom. Today's tip is how to get back your pre-pregnant body with minimal effort. 2 products I recommend are the Belly Bandit and the Shrinxx Hips. You can wear them the 1st 6 weeks after birth to tighten AND SHRINK your floppy belly and loosened hips.

I didn't KNOW for sure if it would work, but I rather be skeptical and give a shot rather than wonder if it worked AFTER the fact. And for me, it totally worked. I went down 2 sizes smaller than I had ever been. (obviously some of that attributes to being busy and eating right).

It also makes a GREAT gift for any mommy-to-be's that you know that want to look fab after having a sweet bundle of joy!

Here's the links!
I got the couture in nude.


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