January 2, 2013

Day 2/31: 31 Tips for the New Year

Day 2:
Stay busy.
I gained a total of 4 pesky pounds over the holiday between thanksgiving and Christmas. Normally I am super busy and on the go. Over the holidays I was semi-forced to rest (but completely grateful) but now is the time to get going again. 

Being idle slows your metabolism and boredom draws you to the snacks (and my pitfall is SWEETS. 

Do you have any weightloss or get-fit goals this year? Leave a comment :)

Fun things to do:

*Walk the mall... even just to window shop.
*Go thrifting... travel to thrift shops around town with a friend... you can spend hours walking the aisles at The Depot at Gibson mill
*have a race or contest with the fam
*Get a fun workout dvd (turbo kick is my fav... Kinsley gets a kick out of squats- she thinks I'm playing some sort of peek-a-boo game with her haha)
*take a class
*teach a class

Share how YOU stay busy!
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