April 29, 2013

{You + Me} Candace and Chris| Engaged

Happy. Adorable. Fun. Gorgeous. Etc are just a few words to describe this couple. I am beyond excited they are finally tying the knot and that I get to be a part of their day at Daniel Stowe in just a few short weeks! Candace and Chris had the cutest engagement story! Chris took Candace on a special picnic near their favorite tree on their land. He had packed some goodies and they ate lunch just enjoying each other and the day. Chris told candace to walk behind the tree to see a surprise where he had carved a heart with a CC and C in it. He asked if he could add his initial to her monogram... he was down on one knee and holding a hand carved wooden plank that said "will you marry me" and of course she said YES! Isn't that ridiculously sweet?! I went out to her family's land to capture the famous tree and the things they love to do.

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April 24, 2013

{US} Foels' Family Session

This family said they loved to sing and jump around for fun and just wanted to be captured enjoying each other. I loved capturing them in their own environment- their home and a nearby park. I definitely get the sense of fun from these photos and it makes me want to join right in!

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April 22, 2013

{You + Me} Betsy | Bridal

 Betsy and I met up back in March to capture her in her wedding dress for the first time! We went out to Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard a little ways past belmont. Her fiancé, Chris, is a firefighter and she brought it along to take some pics with. The light was gorgeous and though the vineyard wasn't flourishing with grapes, the flowers were just blooming on the trees!

Stay tuned for their Wedding Photos!

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April 17, 2013

{Munchkins} Nora:: 1 Year

You may recognize this cutie, but it has been a WHOLE YEAR since she was on my blog! This is what she looked like then and here is her now! She loves her mommy and daddy! Sweet Nora was captured in this tea cup so it was a must have for this session too! I absolutely loved this vintage chair they had passed down a couple generations! And yes, another cat! Nora loves her kitty, but the kitty wasn't in the mood for cuddle pics ha. Have fun this year Michelle and Chase! Enjoy every second- the first year goes by fast and so do the rest!

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