December 5, 2012

{Munchkins} Catherine Grey | Newborn

Miss Catherine Grey decided to enter the world a whole month EARLY than expected! Most first time moms (myself included) end up going late or being induced. Not amanda! She went in for an appointment and they sent her over into labor and delivery. She was shocked and I was too! She was so tiny! Just over a week old this girly did NOT want to miss a thing! Spending most of the session trying to get her to fall back asleep, I was beginning to think she just enjoyed being in the world and rather be awake. She was precious and I totally didn't mind trying to snuggle her back to sleep :) Thank you for letting me capture this sweet baby and your precious family! This will be a BEAUTIFUL holiday season spending it with a new little one! Soak up every minute!

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  1. Wow...I love to see how BIG Kirk's hands are compared to hers. I love the one of you all by the tree also. Great pics!