July 6, 2012

Buddy Beach Trip Part 1

My husband's grandparents have a beach house down in surfside, SC. It is where we started dating, where we got engaged, and where we love to make memories with Kinsley. This trip we decided to invite one of her best buds, Bryleigh, and her parents. I hope it is the first of many to come! 

The first night we got there, we dropped our stuff off, and headed to River City cafe in the golf cart to pick up some dinner. While the guys were ordering, we went down to the pier. The guys met up with us, just in time for some first night beach pics. 

We will remind Kinsley that mommy was there too, but someone HAD to take the pics ;)

It was the first time Kinsley walked just holding onto ONE hand! 
Bryleigh walking with no hands!

 pink tootsies!

 yummy sunlight!
 i will always know bryleigh for her signature wave.

 something about a dad with his daughter that makes you smile.
Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend!
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