June 5, 2012

Aimee::Bridal Sesh

I left a sunny day in matthews on my way to the Saratoga Springs in Mt. Pleasant and headed into deep dark rain clouds. Surely they wouldn't be at my destination, but the further I drove, the more I realized they were directly over my stop. With Aimee's wedding on Saturday and her trial make-up run earlier that day, we were gonna pray and make due with whatever God gave us.

Everytime there is bad weather, God undoubtedly brings about at least a moment of silence, a break in the clouds and a peak of sun. This bridal sesh was no exception and I give Him all the glory!

Aimee was dressed to in her beautiful gown glowing with excitement to become mrs. Keller. She even had embroidered sneakers saying "Mrs. K." She was so excited about her future, but definitely didn't forget the past. Her bouquet and bracelet carried little photographs of her dad who passed away a few years ago. It was so special to see that her dad could still be with her going down the aisle and be remembered throughout the whole day! It's those little details that make me LOVE my job!

Here are some of Aimee's bridal sesh!

Congrats Aimee and Chris!
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