April 15, 2012

The Boone's

29+ years of marriage, and still as happy as the were on their wedding day!

They are all dressed up to go to Charlotte Style Magazine Event at Butter because my dad was selected as one of Charlotte's 25 most stylish! Wow! Go dad! Red carpet, VIP, goodie bags, the works and took home the honor of best stylish in business. Speaking of business, BooneOakley advertising has been doing BIG things. They will be featured on AMC's new show "The Pitch" that premiers April 30th. My daughter Kinsley and I got to have lunch with him on one of the days they were filming so maybe we'll make the editing cut?? haha. I am SO lucky and honored to have a dad that is not only successful by the world's standards, but even more so by God's standards. He has all the opportunity in the world and the temptations that come with it, and I am BEYOND proud to know that he doesn't ever lower his standards just to fit in with the crowd or to get far. I look up to the fact he doesn't drink, despite all the celebration; he doesn't cuss, despite the lows; and he has eyes for only ONE woman- married to his highschool sweetheart for 29+ years! NOW THAT is an HONOR!

My mom is the most giving person I know. She always puts others first, and it was fun shopping with her and helping her pick out an outfit just for HER. She works extremely hard as a nurse, wife, and mother. Her stories from the hospital would drive anyone away from wanting to be a nurse, but she LOVES it. She is also a woman of God, sharing her testimony with whoever needs to hear it, and being the hands and feet of God in a place that not everyone wants to serve. She has blessed our family so much and we are so thankful to have her in our lives! (and living so close by!)

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