April 20, 2012

Ansley's ONE.. part 1

Lauren and I were pregnant at the same time last year. I was stalking her facebook continuously for updates on if she had contractions, if she posted the name, if she was going to be induced, etc, etc. Miss Ansley came early just before Easter last year. I was SO excited for Lauren and thought maybe if I could just get near her (even in cyberspace) the early contractions would rub off on me too haha. (No such luck). I saw lauren post the first pic of Ansley in her carrier matching her beautiful momma kneeling at their doorstep. She just glowed!

Flash forward 1 whole year later and now we are celebrating our little babies' birthdays just a month a part! I was so excited to bring Kinsley over for her first birthday party invite, while secretly shopping for ideas haha. Picnic and Kites with vintage accents. ADORABLE! She worked really hard and it showed! Ansley loved just scooting around and soaking up the attention, while still slightly unaware that everyone was there just for HER!

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