November 18, 2011

Outfit Inspiration

Wondering what to wear on your shoot? I know the feeling... should we all wear the same color, same fabric, or what colors go together?

When asked, I tell my clients to wear what represents them, but they don't all have to wear khakis and a white shirt... you can mix and match patterns and colors, but all should complement each other. Need visuals? Here are some to inspire your wardrobe:

For Families & Couples:

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For Singles:
I recommend a lot of accessories (maybe not to wear all at once, but I love cool hats (fedoras, newsboy, cowboy, etc), statement necklaces, headbands and bows, ties, or fun glasses.) Accessories can also change up your look without having to change outfits a bunch of times, too.

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Think about the season, location, and the feel of your photo.

Color Combos:
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Enjoy raiding your closet or the mall for your next shoot :)!
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