August 8, 2012

My BFF's Ohio Wedding:: Behind the Scenes

Sam and I became friends in a prayer closet.... not even joking! We met each other through a couple mutual friends at campus outreach during college. One of our friends had to "stop by church" for a meeting and he sent me and sam to check out the prayer closet. It was kind of weird, but it seemed totally intentional now... because that is where we got to know each other. She was my best friend for the last two years of college... we had basically cloned each other. We were inseparable. I loved her friends and family too. From myrtle beach to Ohio to cocoa beach to orlando and working at disney to partying in vegas with the marsh... we were living it up together. I'm a year older than her, so when I moved to Charlotte after college, it was a change not having my bff. Every time we chatted, no matter how long it had been, we always picked up where we left off. It is so great to have friends like that, huh?!

Though life took us different places together and then just different places ... I'm now married and have a baby, Sam now getting married and teaching... I was so excited to be a maid at her wedding. Mark is a great guy and I'm SO happy that she found him. I'm thankful that she found someone that she deserves- that treats her with respect, can lead her family, that is proud of her and will honor her and that she can trust with her heart... and I'm thankful that he found her- a woman that gives more than she has, that loves unconditionally, that will spoil him, that she'll love forever- no strings attached..

Thank you for letting me capture some moments.. behind the scenes!

 It was an all out girls day that day... from the salon and pampering, joking about girl things and limited too undies... and all the various animals our hair stylists had created on the sides of our heads just before an unpaid bridesmaid redid them all into works of art... reapplying makeup and adding more or less... getting some AWESOME bridesmaids gifts... and cheers-ing to a fabulous wedding.

Her wedding photog will have the rest of her day.... but at this point, i put down the camera and enjoyed the evening with my bestie! Love you S!

Love, B
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