March 16, 2012

Sneak Peek: Voigt Wedding Part 1

I ran into Diane Shawley at Grace Academy, where I teach, and she mentioned her daughter was getting married and she wanted to know if i'd like to capture it. I was so excited! First wedding of the year, officially booked and coming up in just 2 months. Beth met me at the door of her grandma's house where everything you could imagine laid out on the breakfast table. She was so sweet and invited me right in to invade their space haha. "Make sure you eat some protein" grandma said, handing me a sausage link. Don't mind if I do! ha. Beth was getting last minute details together and having her makeup applied while I gathered some shots of the accessories. She was beautiful even without anything done! I met her sisters/bridesmaids and everyone was so happy even so early on a somewhat rainy morning. I prayed and prayed the weather would clear up... and later it did! Here is just a sneak peek of some of the pre-wedding shots! Much more to come so stay tuned! And click "like" on the BPosh facebook to see all the upcoming posts firsthand!

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