December 15, 2011

Baby Tristan

Brittani and I chatted at starbucks many times just discussing pregnancy and being a new mommy. Finally december came and she had a beautiful baby boy named Tristan. With a new house under wraps, I was amazed at how much she adapted to mommyhood even while her house was getting new floors and paint. I seriously have no idea how she does it. Taking care of a newborn is hard work! She is so blessed to have such loving people in her life letting her get some well deserved rest (and showers). :)
Tristan was snug as a bug when I got there, little did he know we were stripping him down and putting on hats, blankets, and new diapies over and over again. 

He did so well! And he already loves his mommy SO much! You're doing a great job, Britt!
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